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Sheila Gallagher

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My family and I recently lost our elderly Mother at which time we were faced with the best method of selling her long time co-op apartment in Rosedale.

Sheila was a kind and caring friend to my Mother who’d expressed emphatically that she wanted Sheila to handle any upcoming sale of her home. In that I and my siblings were out of town (in fact two out of the country), Sheila took over and handled every little detail and together the team of Sheila and Tiffany worked seamlessly to effect a sale that was well beyond our expectations. Their advice, strategy and hard work was all to our advantage !

We would highly recommend Sheila and Tiffany to anyone considering selling their home, co-op or condo and it goes without saying that should any of us be in a purchase position in Toronto, we would want them to be representing our interests.

Bill Stoner on behalf of the Estate of Mary Lou MacKinnon  


My condo search was proving fruitless until I met and dealt with Sheila and Tiffany. Thanks to them, I am now living in my dream location at St. Clair and Yonge! I had many criteria that I would not back away from, such as a south-facing view, an indoor pool, a concierge, decent guest parking, etc. Sheila and Tiffany were absolute stars! They did not waste our time showing me places that did not meet my expectations. When the perfect place presented itself, they acted on my behalf and I could not believe how efficient and thorough they were. Closing dates got changed more than once yet I never got so much as a sigh or raised eyebrow. I also received great recommendations from them for a  lawyer, movers and a fabulous contractor to take on the renovations that I felt my almost-perfect home needed. What more can I say? I do not plan to ever move again but if I do, I will immediately turn to the fabulous team of Sheila and Tiffany!

Vivi Price

I used the Team of Sheila Gallagher and Tiffany Sly of Chestnut Park Real Estate to sell my home in Moore Park in June, 2011 and to purchase my new home in midtown Toronto in November, 2011. I was extremely pleased with the results of both of my transactions. I find both Sheila, to whom I have looked for real estate advice for ten years, and Tiffany, to be knowledgeable, thorough and personable professionals. I highly recommend Sheila and Tiffany to anyone seeking the services of real estate agents.

Brian Dourley


Sheila and Tiffany really helped us understand what's actually involved in marketing and selling a home. Their advice and suggestions saved us a lot of time and money, and they guided us to an outcome that exceeded our wildest expectations. We'll certainly call Sheila and Tiffany the next time we sell a house.

Guy Herriges & Brian Miller

We are the second generation of our family to work with Sheila Gallagher in pursuit of our new home. Sheila's many years of experience arms her with a keen knowledge of the market as well as incomparable strategic negotiating skills. She and Tiffany worked hand in hand to guide us through our search, sell and sale. They are incredibly committed to finding a home that matches your individual needs and are extremely focused in their search. Outside of the day-to-day commitments of work and a young family - looking for a house can turn into a full time job unless you have a fantastic agent. Sheila and Tiffany knew which houses we would be interested in and got us in to see them right away - we felt understood as well as respected in terms of our time and commitment. Most of all we felt that they were invested in our happiness as a family. We have been in our new home for three months now and could not be more pleased with our decision. If you are looking to move - this is the team you want!

Christie Smythe & Christian Mathieu

My experience working with Tiffany was excellent right from the start.  Tiffany was always extremely confident, professional and knowledgeable about the Toronto areas in which I was interested.  She took a great deal of time to research and show countless properties while guiding me through the home search experience.  She has a very kind and friendly disposition, she was in tune with my needs and wants in a home and she delivered fast and quick results.  She managed her way through an extremely competitive purchase situation and equally impressed me on the negotiation and closing.  I am very happy in our new home and have Tiffany to thank for that.  I would absolutely recommend her for buying or selling a home and will not hesitate to use her again in the future.

Shannon Moore

I say this with the utmost sincerity, that Tiffany is not only a good friend of mine, but also a talented and exceptionally professional agent. She is well-connected with lawyers and mortgage brokers in the industry, and as a first-time home buyer, this made my life much easier. Tiffany was able to turn the process of finding a home into a fun and very memorable experience for me. Throughout my search, she was incredibly determined to help me find my perfect home, and her pleasant demeanor always kept me at ease during the to-be-expected stressful times. She shared in my excitement when the right home came along, and made me feel confident that I had made the right decision. Her passion and excitement for real estate was contagious!

I highly recommend Tiffany’s services to any person in search of their new home, and trust that you will be treated with the same warm and qualified service that I was lucky enough to experience.

Heather MacCuaig


Sheila Gallagher and Tiffany Sly did it! They helped us purchase a condo and

then sold our house in 4 days. At our first meeting they assured us they were in this to serve us. They made a point of finding out who we were and what we wanted, what our hopes and needs were. They took time to educate us by showing us many condos, in which we had no interest. They encouraged when we were tempted to become discouraged and urged us to "let our hearts inform our soul-searching" when in the throes of decision-making. This grandmother-granddaughter team marries the wisdom and knowledge of Sheila's extensive experience with the vision and energy of Tiffany's youth. Best of all, in a very slow market they priced our much-loved house of 30 years wisely and sold it in 4 days! What a team - we missed them after the deal was done!

Valerie & Paul Walsh


Sheila has acted as my agent in four separate real estate transactions over the last twenty years. Each time her performance has been second to none. Sheila brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience about the real estate industry in Toronto, and a thorough understanding of the marketplace. Diligent, hard-working, prompt to respond and dedicated to serving your best interests, Sheila is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again or to recommend her services to anyone interested in needing the assistance of a first class representative whether purchasing or selling.

Wilfred Estey



My family has known and dealt with Sheila Gallagher for many years in a variety of real estate transactions. At all times she displayed a professional understanding of the markets and properties involved and was instrumental in delivering a satisfactory outcome. I would recommend her highly.

Anthony R.M. Graham



As a partner in a major Toronto law firm whose practice is primarily commercial real estate (leasing, acquisitions and sales) I am well aware that successful real estate transactions require the selection of a reputable, experienced and diligent real estate agent. The initial offer to purchase is normally generated by an agent and its terms and the ultimate agreement of purchase and sale is the most important part of any transaction. Having known Sheila personally and professionally for in excess of thirty years, I retained her in connection with the sale of my prior house and the purchase of my existing home in Toronto. She showed great judgment and negotiating skills in identifying and resolving the issues and obtaining an agreement on my behalf, ultimately at 2:00 a.m. in the morning! Sheila's market skills quickly identified the locations in Toronto which would be best suited for my family's needs. She is the best!

Bob Macdonald



When my family and I moved to Toronto seventeen years ago Sheila acted as our agent in purchasing a home. Purchasing a home in a city with a market as complex as Toronto's is very difficult at the best of times and even more so when you are new to the city.  Sheila's knowledge of the Toronto market is excellent and with her help we were able to find a home which we were very happy with for our nearly twenty years of residence.  When the time came to sell, Sheila acted as our agent and again her help was invaluable in determining the value of our home and in preparing it for viewing.  Her careful planning, preparation and timing enabled us to reach agreement with a purchaser within a week of listing.   I would add that her negotiating skills were of great benefit to completing the transaction.  After completing the sale of our home Sheila also assisted us in finding a condo and again her help was much appreciated.

John Kettlewell



It has been a great pleasure to have Sheila Gallagher serve as our Real Estate Agent in the recent rapid sale of our co-op apartment. We are well aware that she has done much to raise the stature of our building at 7 Thornwood Road in the eyes of the neighbourhood. We found her to be very knowledgeable of the current real estate market, efficient, helpful, and flexible in making the various necessary arrangements, and a real pleasure to deal with because of her enthusiastic and effervescent personality.

Peg & Adrian Brook


Over the past 30 years I have dealt with Sheila Gallagher and did so both personally and as a member of a Real Estate Investment Partnership. In all of this time I have found Sheila to be a wonderful and more than competent reviewer of the Real Estate scene in both personal and business matters.I can honestly say that Sheila perfectly, accurately and precisely predicted the twists and turns which have marked my and our progress through Toronto Real Estate over that period. Sheila has also done so with grace, fairness and never an " I told you so..." in all of our dealings. Without hesitation, I have and will continue to refer to Sheila for these matters and I also have no hesitation in referring her to friends and associates for their real estate needs.

C. Paul Young



And so it was, with intense trepidation, that the marketing of what had been home to our family for 53 years was undertaken. Enter Sheila Gallagher, through an exuberant unequivocal recommendation from a highly regarded friend, having had several personal experiences with this lady. From the onset it was apparent that her approach would be tailored to our specific situation with sensitivity and astuteness. Her philosophy and sophisticated marketing plan, based on current forces, and an interpretation of the buoyant climate in our core area were fully delineated. What this allowed me was critical to a sense of well-being throughout the days to follow, that is, the certainty that Sheila was the right choice ! Her repertoire amassed over 35 years is impressive and winning by all accounts. Boundless energy and diligence have afforded her an enviable client base from which to draw and will continue adding greater exposure to one's property. I feel fortunate as a beneficiary of her exemplary attributes.

Lynn Shoemaker-Hall



We selected Sheila Gallagher at Chestnut Park to sell our home in Lawrence Park as a result of a 'Request for Information' exercise we conducted with the top five real estate companies in Toronto. Our selection was a business decision and not based on friendship or emotion. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Sheila has successfully sold two homes for us and helped us purchase one in the Lawrence Park area over the past eight years. She succeeded in securing 95% of our list price in the tough 1993 buyer's market, and 107% of our list price through multiple bids in the 2000 seller's market. The bottom line is overchievement of anticipated tax free dollars! Sheila is a very experienced, forthright and knowledgeable real estate saleswoman. She knows the market and the economy and she makes things happen in a proactive manner. We have also found her to be very professional in her presentation, her dealings with clients and her handling of difficult situations. We highly recommend Sheila Gallagher as your real estate agent and only regret that her services are not available to us in British Columbia.

Doug and Libby Wise



Moving can be an experience fraught with anxiety or one that you enjoy. What makes the experience a good one is hiring a top-notch agent. Sheila is that agent! My husband and I have had occasion to use Sheila's expertise more than once. Sheila listened very carefully to our list of specific requirements and in one long weekend visit back to Toronto we had the house we wanted! Thanks to Sheila's skills and her professionalism, the whole process was totally painless. The second time we used Sheila's expertise was when we sold our house in Toronto. Although our home was a beautiful one, located in a fashionable part of the city, it was a difficult one to sell, in the middle of winter and with stiff competition. However, Sheila again rose to the challenges and sold it within a week at the price we wanted. She even attended to all kinds of details so there would be no issues to consume our time. Suffice to say, we will always call on Sheila for our real estate needs. Not only from our experiences, but also from the many people we have recommended her to. They also have had their moves made much easier, because she knows what she is doing! Big house or little, sell or purchase, Sheila knows the market and truly understands and appreciates the needs of her clients!

Gerry and Gill Lee



Sheila has carefully guided us through several real estate transactions over the past 20 years. Her genuine concern for her client's satisfaction makes her a special confidante and friend as well as an effective agent.

Doug and Marie Shatz



During the process of selling our Toronto house Sheila Gallagher proved herself to be a focused, hard working professional agent. She understood and was completely sensitive to our needs. She was attentive to all the details while the house was on the market and kept us informed at regular intervals so that we never felt anxious about any part of the process. As an informed agent Sheila was able to market our house and ultimately sell it in a fair, honest and unbiased manner. She used the same professionalism when we purchased another Toronto house. Sheila Gallagher genuinely cares about her clients and for this reason we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to sell or purchase a home in the Toronto area.

Angela and David McCumber



When we were searching for our home, Sheila helped us to understand what our specific needs were by showing us a wide variety of different properties at the beginning of our search. Sheila understood what we were looking for, found the right house for us and negotiated the purchase smoothly and professionally.

Deborah and Ken Clarke



We were very pleased with our experience with Sheila and would certainly recommend her to other home buyers and sellers without reservation. Her knowledge of the market in central Toronto is very thorough. In our case, because we bought our new home first, we particularly needed her help in developing a strategy that quickly generated strong buying interest in our old home, which we sold at a very fair price within days of listing.

Jacquelyn Sloane and Eugene Siklos



I have worked with Sheila since 1994 and have been very pleased with her results. From helping me find my first home, to helping me get over the asking price on my last sale, Sheila's knowledge and hard work have been a real asset!

Alexander Younger



Over the past seven years, Sheila has helped us through four real estate transactions. Her professional expertise has been invaluable. We have benefited greatly from her sound advice and we highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated real estate agent.

Richard & Kitty Wotherspoon



Between 1957 and 2000 my wife and I were exposed to the real estate business on nine occasions. This involved the purchase and sale of various properties necessary for our expanding family and latterly for our 'empty nest' requirements. All of the real estate people that we dealt with did their job. They showed us their listings and waited for our interest to peak. On two occasions when we were selling our property, we replaced agents mainly due to their inexperience. We were fortunate in meeting Sheila Gallagher prior to our recent purchase and sale. With her keen ability to really listen to us, she had our needs figured out before we did. She found what she called 'the best buy' which she negotiated successfully for us. Selling our existing property was more difficult. After considerable effort and exposure on Sheila's part, the property sold only to fall through while my wife and I were out of town. Sheila jumped into the fray, and had it resold by the time we returned. It is no wonder that Sheila is one of the leading agents in Toronto. She has all of the traits of a winner. She reads people well, she listens, she is competitive and she knows her business.

Hugh and Dot Drake



My wife and I have bought and sold 5 homes during our lives, and like many people learned through experience that the real estate people we dealt with had neither their listing client's or their propective purchaser's best interests in mind; the potential commission to be made was the focus of their attention. That is before Sheila Gallagher acted for us. We had known her casually through mutual friends on our cottage lake, and although we had found her charming, felt that she was probably like all the other real estate people we had come across. Nevertheless, when it came time to sell our Toronto house we decided to give her the listing. It was one of the best business decisions we ever made. The market was crummy and we were disappointed with her suggested price, but said that we would agree to it as she had done much research on current prices of similar homes. She knew we couldn't afford to lower the price when some potential buyers tried to 'low-ball' us. Never once did she suggest lowering it, and eventually, working harder between ourselves and the eventual buyer than we had ever seen anyone work, we had our sale. We have also made a lifelong friend.

Helen and Keith McKerracher



Over the years we have made many moves. Unfortunately, although we had long known of Sheila's success and skills as a real estate agent, all our transactions had been outside her district until our most recent move, when we embarked on what anyone who has done this themselves will recognize as a potentially nerve-wracking experience ...buying before we sold! However with Sheila as our agent, we knew we were in good hands. With dedication and boundless energy, she helped us find the place we wanted, then sold our previous home, both at reasonable prices and with closing dates that met our needs. We look forward to having Sheila as our agent the next time we get itchy feet and would most certainly recommend her to our family and friends.

Valerie and Frank Argue



Sheila Gallagher, over the past 30 years has presided over the buying and selling of several residences for us. She is a consummate professional,knows the business inside out, and is able to negotiate the best deals for her clients. Having been both buyer and seller with Sheila we can highly recommend her to do an excellent job.

Don and Sue Lowe



I can highly recommend Sheila Gallagher. She is hard working and available when you need her. She has been our agent for both buying and selling houses. Sheila is also very personable besides being a committed agent. She is also noted for being one of the top agents in Toronto. She goes to bat for her clients. She sold a house for us at the bottom of the market in '95 for our asking price. In order to get the best deal, one must have a truly committed agent who is in it for the long haul. As a person who has moved a great deal due to my husband's job with a multinational firm, I know from whence I speak. If and when I need an agent in Toronto, Sheila is it!

Judith M Innes



I have used Sheila to buy 3 homes in Toronto over the last 15 years. There are certain times in life when one should use a 'PRO'. Choosing a real estate expert is not about fluff; it's about experience and performance in all aspects of buying or selling a home. Sheila knows the history and the houses in her neighborhoods as well as anyone in the city. Sheila has access to the product and access to buyers who can afford what they want. Sheila knows how to negotiate; her numbers speak for themselves. Regardless of one's net worth, buying a house is an important event; one that is worth doing right. Mistakes are expensive. I have received very positive feedback from recommending Sheila to friends in the past, and I am delighted to recommend her now. She is just very good at what she does.

Chris Coderre



We completed the process of selling our home of thirty-nine years, the first sale we had ever experienced. Through her thorough knowledge of the market and her extensive experience in the field, Sheila provided us with invaluable guidance in determining the appropriate sale price and the best timing for putting our home on the market. We found her to be very professional and competent and an excellent negotiator. We felt that Sheila worked diligently to further our best interests and found her to be a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends or to call upon her again when the need arises.

Jack and Mary Louise Clements



My extended family have used the services of Sheila in at least ten separate transactions over 30 years. She has acted for me on the buy and sell side in 3 separate moves. In every instance Sheila has done a great job. She does not waste your time showing you inappropriate properties and really works for you on both the buy and sell side of the transaction. Her integrity is unassailable. She has always done what is right for me, the client, even though in some cases it has cost her commission dollars. It is for that reason and the fact that she is a genuine pleasure to deal with that I would use her again and again, and recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property.

Graeme Hepburn



Sheila listed and sold our home in The Beach. There were a number of homes in our area that were listed at the time. Due to Sheila's expertise in the business we sold our home substantially over the list price on the day that we were accepting offers. Sheila and her team had great ideas to enhance our home for resale. Usually selling a home is an incredibly stressful time but Sheila made our selling experience very enjoyable. We have known Sheila personally for many years and could not be happier with our results.

Michael & Kathleen Biggs



Sheila worked with us for almost two years and helped us sell and buy. She listened to our requests and showed us only what was going to meet our requirements. She knows the Toronto market inside and out and works diligently on behalf of her clients to find the right property. I have no hesitation in recommending Sheila to anyone who is either selling or shopping in Toronto.

Louise and Dick Hastings


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